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Company:  CBN Assisted Living

Location:  San Bernardino, California

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Employee Status:  Full-time, Part-time

Application Deadline:  May 22, 2019

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The House Lead is responsible to assist the
Administrator with the coordination of the home so that the residents’ health
and safety needs are met. The House Lead assists to maintain compliance under the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 17 and Title 22 as well as the Lanterman Act (Welfare and Institutions Code). The House Lead is expected to ensure residents to maximize independence.

Provide oversight of all household activities assuring timely and high quality completion of all tasks Work with employees, consumers, and outside vendors assuring the best quality of work, and adherence to all household standards and expectations

Follow physician's directions, including assisting the client with the administration of medication and other treatment

Implement approved emergency
procedures in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other natural disasters

Participate in the development of the Individual Program Plan (IPP)

Provide transportation to medical and dental appointments, community outings and as otherwise outlined in the IPP - using company approved vehicle (this may include company vehicles and employee's vehicle)

Maintain a record of medical and dental visits, current weight, medication (dosage), frequency and times of administration, reasons for medications, (side effects), illnesses, injuries, special incidents, funds, and personal possessions etc.

Develop a shopping list to purchase food and supplies as instructed by the Administrator to prepare meals according to posted menus

Communicate on a regular basis with Regional Center, day programs, and
other services providers and agencies, as needed

Maintain a master calendar of appointments, facility activities, meetings with Regional Center,etc.

Support DSPs to maximize the clients’ independence

Perform other related duties and assignments are required

 Minimum Education: High school diploma or GED. CPR,  DSP I, DSP II, First Aid and CPI.
Minimum Experience:
One year experience with direct supervision and services to persons with
developmental disabilities. 

Phone: 408-997-1756
Fax: 408-997-1451